Roe Sacks UK:

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100 % Hand Made in Scotland

Roe / Sika Sacks..

* Bag - Heavy duty rot proof, Water Proof, Military Canvas stitching in rot proof heavy duty nylon thread

* Lining - Heavy duty washable vinyl - stitching as above

* Straps - latigo leather min 4mm Thick - hand stitched

Leather has been shipped from america used for Bridle work for saddles harnesses etc known for its strength and durabillity in all weathers

*Two usable pockets on front of bag fastened with Deer Antler or Wooden Toggles


Bags made in two sizes

Size 1 - standard Roe Deer Size will also carry two chinese or muntjac Deer

Size 2 - will carry two Roe Deer or one silka hind or Fallow Doe

All Made to order


These bags are designed by Stalkers, Made by Stalkers and used by stalkers


No clumsy buckles or clips - silent when Stalking

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